Camilo Atala: an innovative leader in the Central American and Caribbean region

50 prominent regional figures to receive the “Award of Happiness 2023”

For the first time, RRHH Digital and Awards of Happiness, in association with INCAE Business School, will be presenting awards to those managers who, with their exemplary leadership, have motivated their work teams to have excellent performance, contributing to a culture of well-being in Central America and the Caribbean.

On Thursday, January 26 a special ceremony will take place at INCAE’s Walter Kissling campus. This ceremony will consist of a dinner and lectures by INCAE professors. This will serve to honor those who have made a significant contribution through their leadership and the social impact they have generated in the companies they lead.

This initiative aims to emphasize the achievements and impact of leaders who manage organizations that truly take into account the needs and well-being of their employees.

“We are very excited to be able to carry out this event thanks to the union of Awards of Happiness, RRHH Digital and INCAE. The idea is to honor those business leaders who support corporate responsibility to improve the quality of life of employees, the community and the environment, causing a positive impact both inside and outside of organizations.” Said Lesslie de Davidovich, COO of Awards of Happiness and RRHH Digital.

Leaders that will receive the award

This distinction will be awarded to several Central American leaders, among them Ricardo and Fernando Poma of Grupo Poma, Alejandro Poma of Autofácil, Dante Mossi of BCIE and José Raúl Gonzáles of Cementos Progreso.

Several important figures in the region, such as Alvaro Cofiño of McDonald’s Mesoamerica, Camilo Atala of Banco Ficohsa, Xavier Vargas Montealegre of Cargill, Juan Gabriel Reyes of Nestlé, Guillermo Gaviria of CBC, Diego Imperio of Ricoh Latin America, Roberto Zamora of Lafise, Juan Ignacio Sada of Teleperformance, Alvaro Castellanos of Consortium and Rodolfo Tabash of Bac Credomatic have been included in the list.

The leaders of Costa Rica who will receive the award are Enrique Aguirre of 3M, Ignacio Segares of Unilever, Gonzalo Chaves of Dos Pinos, Leandro Ramírez of Oracle, Ricardo Hernández of Aeris and Carlos Alfredo Gonzáles of Coca-Cola, as well as Eduardo Sauma of Kimberly Clark, Jose Daniel Gómez of Tigo, Mónica Araya Esquivel of Instituto Nacional de Seguros, Francis Durman of Grupo Montecristo and Ronny Rodriguez of Volaris.

Rodrigo Uribe of Cuestamoras, Juan Pablo Guzmán of Concentrix CR, Mauricio Ortiz of Boston Scientific, Tawny Barnett of Citrix, Marco Durante of BDS Asesores and Daniel Verswyvel of Microsoft will also be present.

From El Salvador, the leaders are Rodrigo Tona of Ternova, Edwin Escobar of Aristos Inmobiliaria and Lazaro Figueroa of Promerica.

In Guatemala, recognition will be given to Claudio Matus Coulomb of Grupo Salinas, Enrique Rodríguez Mahr of Grupo Financiero GYT, Christian Nölck Rodríguez of Seguros GYT, Francisco Baltodano of Pantaleón, Gerardo Giron Sobalvarro of Grupo Salinas and Luis Ibanez of Licores de Guatemala.

In Honduras, three people will receive the award for their professional works: Claudia Kattan of Crowley, Yusuf Amdani of Grupo Karims and Elena Kafie of Lacthosa.

Jeanne-Marie Dillon of Concentrix Jamaica, Miguel Bolinaga of AES Panama, Bernardo Álvares of Fresenius-Kabi Dominican Republic, Alejandro Fernandez Whipple of the Superintendency of Banks and Frank Elías Rainieri of Grupo Puntacana have joined the list.