The Chef Show – Picture: Netflix

While Netflix offers a ton of cooking/food shows that explore international locations or game shows, it’s interesting that it’s been almost three years since we’ve had new episodes of the chef show starring popular filmmaker Jon Favreau and Los Angeles chef Roy Choi. But could we soon receive more?

The pair originally hooked up when Choi was a consultant for cooking scenes on Favreau’s film. Chef. Jon played a disillusioned restaurant chef who He turns around after a night of reflection and decides to invest in a food truck that makes Cuban sandwiches with his young son.

An important crux of the chef show it was further showcasing the relationship of the two in the kitchen and attracting celebrities/restaurant industry peers to show on camera how to make various recipes for delicious dishes, as Favreau could film episodes when he had free time.

We have not had new episodes since September 19, 2020, with the second season episode run (episodes 21-25). Since then, it has been something of a radio silence given that the pandemic would have affected the show among many other productions. Favreau concentrated heavily on his multiple Star Wars shows for Lucasfilm, with the mandalorian coming back next month while Choi spent his time feeding the Los Angeles community that had been struggling.

Over the weekend, Choi posted a sneak peek on his official Twitter account that could be taken as a suggestion that the chef show could finally return to Netflix after a hiatus.

It is also possible that they are only now preparing to film new episodes, since Favreau was the director of the show; as you know, he has been quite busy supervising Star Wars content for Disney+ throughout this break from the chef show.

Some of the guests who have appeared in previous episodes include Bill Burr, David Chang, Robert Downey Jr., Dave Filoni, Kevin Feige, Tom Holland, Robert Rodriguez, Seth Rogen, Sam Raimi, The Russo Brothers, Tom Holland, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

We can only imagine who they could persuade to appear in future episodes. However, Netflix has yet to officially announce more «Volume 2» episodes or a full season 3.

Still, Choi’s tweet certainly gives us hope that there’s an update soon, and we can’t wait for more of this fantastically engaging food series.