Banks have announced lower interest rates on certain credit cards and under special conditions. This in order to try to support users in the midst of the increase in liquidity.

The purchases that will benefit from the measure are those made in supermarkets, service stations, drugstores and restaurants. That is, those of gasoline, market or medicines made by clients with quotas of up to $4 million pesos.

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The decision will impact not only on the usury rate that will be certified for April, but also on the portfolio purchase offer offered by banks.

But on a daily basis those purchases that can solve something for you immediately, can be more expensive than you imagine.

in accordance with Datacredito, One criterion is that the term is not greater than the useful life of the product. With that guideline, give these examples:

A fee: If recurring expenses such as transportation, restaurants, hairdressers or the market are paid, a fee is advisable. They are goods and services that are used immediately.

Remember that in the case of online purchases, the purchase may automatically be deferred to 24 months, and it is worth consulting the bank on how to reduce the number of installments, often it can be done on the transactional portal or through the app.

Like these products and services that are used almost immediately and, in the case of food, They have a limited duration depending on what is purchased.

The days without VAT contributed to the increase in consumption.


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The idea is that within 6 months purchases of clothing or accessories are made.
As for the 12 months, that is the recommended term to pay vacation expenses.

The 24 months can be applied to purchases such as household appliances that require longer terms. Cell phones, computers or televisions. Products with longer validity

In the case of 36 months, this is the longest period of time and it is advisable with long-term furniture or appliances such as the washing machine or the refrigerator.

Since last Thursday, the big banks in the country have been announcing cuts in their interest rates, especially in credit cards.

The first to take this step was Bancolombia, which reduced them from 45 to 25 percent.
Davivienda joined this announcement this Friday morning, which took it much lower, 20 percent, as well as the banks of Bogotá and Occidente, with a similar level.

In the afternoon, BBVA and Scotiabank Colpatria joined this trend.

The last to join this trend was Banco Falabella, which announced the reduction of its interest rate from 45.99 percent to 25 percent as of March 15 in purchases in supermarkets, drugstores, health services and education. This benefit will be applied to customers of the CMR Clásica Card with quotas up to 3.9 million pesos.

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