The National Administrative Department of Statistics, Dane, The figures on the behavior of VIS and Non-VIS housing were released in the first of 2023, in which a downward trend is shown in regard to the initiation of new housing, with an annual fall of 2.7 %.

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According to the figures, for the first quarter of the year the construction of 52,941 units began, while in the same period of 2022, the figure reached 54,437 units.

However, this figure analyzed compared to the fourth quarter of 2022 shows an increase of 12.7%, since in this period of time 46,973 units were sold.

It is worth clarifying that from October to December the annual drop in this item was 11.5%.
In the first quarter of 2023, in 20 geographic coverage areas, the units started were 47,102, which represented a growth of 16.1%, compared to what was registered in the same quarter of 2019, when the total number of units started was 40,575.

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Of the total units started, 44,459 were allocated to apartments and 8,482 to houses.
Likewise, of the almost 53,000 units started in March, 33,341 were allocated to VIS-type housing (27,798 to apartments and 5,543 to houses) and 19,600 to non-VIS housing (16,661 to apartments and 2,939 to houses).

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janThe VIS segment presented a totally opposite dynamica, while the annual variation was negative in apartments (12.2%), houses had a significant rise of 84.1%.

As of March, the construction of 5,543 houses and 27,798 apartments began, a year ago the figures were 3,011 units and 31,662 respectively.

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The No VIS segment shows a more moderate dynamic. While the houses presented a fall of 5.9% in the start of construction, the apartments acquired a slight advance of 0.1%.

In the analysis period, 2,939 houses were started and in March 2022 the number reached 3,123.

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In the case of the apartments, the construction of 16,611 units began, a figure close to that of 2022, which was 16,641.

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