A new chapter in the Premier League’s romance with Manchester City and their entire relationship with the financier Fair Play has allayed the concerns of the citizens, a club that finds itself implicated in serious accusations for having apparently ignored the rules set by the organisation when it came to gassing money.

On Monday 24 June, a source at The Sun newspaper revealed that the newspaper «had stumbled upon the publication of hundreds of electronic corrections and computer documents by the ‘hacker’ behind the Football Leaks scandal».

Rui Pinto, identified as the hacker who has been part of a text protection program for four years, will have in his hands information collected in thousands of documents that will be between the wall and the sword of Manchester City.

The diary reported that «City has deliberately adopted Financial Fair Play rules» and for this reason Rui was «preparing to publish new documents». It also confirmed that the club will have to «help one in 115 Premier League fans over alleged financial irregularities in November».

Meanwhile, Pinto, during a press conference, confirmed that he had in his possession sensitive documents that provided sensible information regarding financial movements that had led to violations of the law.

«These documents are part of the Premier League’s investigation into City. It has already sent five hard drives to French and German authorities with millions of documents, including many about City, and described what each of them contained. Encontrarán relevancia criminal,» he commented.

The Sun has shown that inside the information there would be millionaires, under contract with players and coaches, who have studied on the field and who have secrets that allow them to pass as clients.

We have been contacted by investigators to share information relating to Manchester City that has not been developed before. We have not yet disclosed this information, but we have a huge archive of documents relating to Manchester City that have yet to be released,» said a legal representative for Rui Punto.

Ultimately, the club, which has more than 100 allegations pending, rejected and denied all allegations in these Financial Fair Play proceedings.