Pictured: Taylor Kitsch, Jai Courtney and Betty Gilpin

Two creators under blanket deals have confirmed their next project with Netflix in a new limited series called primitive american which is now expected to have finished filming. Here’s everything we know about the project so far.

Note: This article was first published on November 4, 2022 (the first outlet to announce the project) and has been updated to reflect new information. It was last updated in July 2023.

Until the full presentation, we had a brief synopsis of the upcoming series that is currently in active development:

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Traveling west with her son, Sara joins a Mormon wagon train heading in the same direction, but a bloody conflict breaks out between the Native Americans and those who claim the land for themselves.

After the official presentation, where we learned that the limited series will consist of 6 episodes, Netflix provided a complete synopsis that reads as follows:

primitive american is a raw and adventurous exploration of the birth of the American West. The violent collisions of cultures, religions and communities as men and women fight and die for control of this new world, for a land they truly believe is their destiny. The set tells the story of the sacrifice everyone must pay when they choose to enter a lawless and untamed wilderness.”

Who’s behind primitive american on netflix?

The project is a collaboration between Film 44 (directed by Peter Berg) and Grand Electric (directed by Eric Newman). Both have general deals with Netflix and have previously partnered on the upcoming limited series. Analgesic.

Peter Berg is confirmed to serve as the series’ sole director while Eric Newman produces.

Berg, through movie 44, reached a deal with Netflix in March 2021 in which he would produce and direct new movies and series for the streamer. So far, it has delivered Spenser Confidential. That deal is expected to come to an end after three years in early 2023.

Speaking about the project, Berg said:

“We are very grateful that Netflix trusts us to take a big step with American Primeval. I really want to take viewers into the most dynamic, intense, and moving survival story humanly possible. Let’s go to the belly of the beast. Shout out to Ted, Bela, Peter and the entire Netflix team for the support!”

eric newman, through Grand Electric, has worked on a host of Netflix projects over the years, with more on the way. He reached their agreement in 2020, which is expected to end later this year.

Primitive American Peter Berg Eric Newman

Peter Berg and Eric Newman – Images: Getty Images

The other Netflix projects announced by Newman include rogue moon, Griselda, and The Upper World.

mark l smith will serve as a writer and executive producer on the project behind projects, including Netflix’s the midnight sky, the revenantand Mister. Other producers include Tim King and Alex Gayner.

raquel tenner she is serving as the casting director for the new series. Armando Salas will serve as cinematographer/director of photography.

who will star primitive american?

TaylorKitsch Headshot

Announcement photo of Taylor Kitsch / American Primeval Cast. chrome eric ray davidson

Along with the initial announcement on December 6, taylor kitsch was announced to headline the cast.

Listed in the top 1000 stars on IMDb’s STARmeter, Kitsch is best known for playing Remy LeBeau on X-Men Origins: WolverineJohn Carter at Disney’s John Carter, and Tim Riggins on NBC The lights of Friday night (last chance to see it in the US, by the way). It is also set to appear on Netflix. Analgesic in 2023.

Kitsch will play the role of Isaac, a traumatized man struggling to overcome his demons and find a reason to live in this brutal and punishing world.

In January 2023, Netflix added 11 new actors members, including:

  • jai courtney (Kaleidoscope, suicide squad) will play Virgil Cutter
  • Kyle Bradley Davis (American Horror Story, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia) will play Tilly
  • Dane DeHaan (Oppenheimer, The Staircase) will play Jacob Pratt
  • betty gilpin (gaslight, GLOW) will play Sara Rowell
  • nick hargrove (Devotion) will play Cottrell
  • derek hinkey (Walker Independence, Horizon) will play Red Feather
  • Saura Lightfoot Leon (Hoard, Airbenders) will play Abish
  • preston speck (asteroid city) will play Devin Rowell
  • shawnee pourier (Stranger Things, Dark Winds) will play Dos Lunas
  • joe tippett (Easttown mare, the morning show) will play James Wolsey
  • Shea Whigham (Jester, boardwalk empire) will play Jim Bridger
primitive american netflix cast network

Cast Grille for American Primeval

Rounding out the recurring cast includes:

  • ok alex (1883)
  • Bodhi Rader (Better call Saul, to the wild frontier)
  • Alex Breaux (when they see us, joe pickett)
  • Dominic Bogart
  • Chris Martin

When will production start on Netflix? primitive american?

Two sources indicated in late 2022 that the limited series will begin filming as soon as February 2023 in New Mexico, United States.

Filming reportedly began in February 2023 as planned and continued through July 5, 2023. The series was filmed at Netflix studios in Albuquerque and in and around Santa Fe.

primitive american filming netflix

Filming in American Primeval – Photos: Instagram

According to the New Mexico Film OfficeThe production employed more than 4,000 New Mexicans, with 3,420 as background talent, 750 as
crew members and 20 main actors.

«American Primeval» is another high-profile series calling New Mexico home, said New Mexico Film Bureau Director Amber Dodson. But that is not an accident. With partners like Netflix, a universe of trained local film professionals, diverse business partners, and a sophisticated ecosystem that can sustain large productions for many seasons, there is no doubt that New Mexico will benefit from this production and feel the positive economic impacts on the movie. workforce to local businesses and beyond.

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