Hierarchy, an exciting new K-drama with an incredibly talented young cast, is currently filming for Netflix. Scheduled to launch sometime in 2024, we’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know about Hierarchyincluding plot, cast news, production updates, trailers, and Netflix release date.

Hierarchy is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original K-drama series for teens written by Bae Hyun Jin and directed by Choo Hye Mi.

Studio Dragon is behind the production of the series. The South Korean film and television studio has been responsible for the production and development of some of Netflix’s most popular K-dramas, including, Crash landing on you, Vicenzo, alchemy of soulsand more.

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What is the plot of Hierarchy?

the synopsis of Hierarchy has been obtained from IMDb Pro:

The story depicts the love, friendship, revenge, and compassion that take place when Kang Ha, a transfer student, enters Jusin High School, a prestigious private school where children from the top 0.01% of conglomerates gather.

Who are the cast members of Hierarchy?

There are five prominent cast members of Hierarchy;

  • Roh Jeong Eui as Jeong Jae Yi
  • Lee Chae Min as Kang Ha
  • Kim Jae Won as Kim Ryan
  • Ji Hye Won as Yoon He Ra
  • Lee Won Jung as Lee Won Jung

Roh Jeong Eui previously had a leading role in the licensed Netflix original series. our beloved summer. Outside of the streaming service, she is known for starring in K-dramas like kill him, Dear M.and 18 again.

Roh Jeong Eui hierarchy netflix k drama season 1 copy

Image: Roh Jeong Eui in Our Beloved Summer

Lee Chae Min recently starred in a supporting role for See you in my life number 19. She has also starred in other K-dramas for Netflix such as crash course in romance and alchemy of souls Season 2. Disney+ subscribers will recognize the actor from the series i love all play.

lee chae min nest netflix k drama season 1 copy

Image: Lee Chae Min in Crash Course in Romance

Kim Jae Won has starred in two licensed Netflix Original K-dramas, king of the earth and our blues.

Kim Jae Won hierarchy netflix k drama season 1 copy

Image: Kim Jae Won in Our Blues

Ji Hye Won had a supporting role in the Netflix K-drama, the sound of magicand in the internationally licensed series It is good not to be good. This is the first lead role, in a K-drama, of her career.

Ji Hye Won hierarchy netflix k drama season 1

Image: Ji Hye Won in It’s okay not to be okay

Lee Won Jung had a guest role in the incredibly rated K-drama series Lawyer extraordinaire Woo. He is known for passing him through starring roles in the series. The world of my 17and Can you deliver the time? 2002.

Lee Won Jung hierarchy netflix k drama season 1

Image: Lee Won Jung in Perfect Stranger

Only one supporting cast member has been confirmed for Hierarchy;

  • Kim Tae Jung as Choi Yoon Seok

What is the production status of Hierarchy?

Official production status: Shooting (Last update: 06/19/2023)

Filming has been reported to have started in early June 2023 and is scheduled to wrap up in mid-September 2023.

When is the Hierarchy Netflix release date?

We’re still several months away from Netflix announcing the official release date. However, we expect to see the series released on the streaming service in the first half of 2024.

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