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Rumors are flying left and right again about The Queen’s Gambit returning for a second season, thanks to several Facebook pages indicating that the show is returning for a season 2. Unfortunately, these posts are not accurate.

Released in October 2020, The Queen’s Gambit it has become one of Netflix’s most beloved limited series of all time. Created by Scott Frank and Allan Scott, the seven-part miniseries was based on the 1983 novel of the same name and starred Anya Taylor-Joy.

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As we have already said several times. The series was and still is designed as limited, which means it’s one and done. However, that has not stopped the speculation rampant in the last three years, and that has become apparent again in recent days.

The post in question was published on a Facebook page called «Netflix News,» which, according to the page’s «transparency report,» operates out of the United States and the Philippines. The post stating that The Queen’s Gambit will return for Season 2 and has been «officially confirmed» was posted on July 14 and has since garnered 172K likes and nearly 20K shares, likely viewed millions of times.

fake news the queens gambit season 2 facebook

Fake Viral Facebook Post for The Queen’s Gambit Season 2

Of course, this is completely false.

This is not the first time in 2023 that there are rumors about the return of The Queen’s Gambit. In January 2023, they hacked into the social media account of actress Anya Taylor Joy and posted a tweet reading «The Queen’s Gambit 2», which racked up thousands of likes before being removed.

Disinformation on Facebook It’s Nothing New We’ve been covering for years (Harry Potter is often Netflix’s biggest source of fake viral news) how Facebook pages claim shows are coming back when they’re not, and movies get sequels when they’re not.

So why is this page posting misinformation? What do they get out of it? At first glance, they are posting these fake posts to increase engagement, and the page likes to sell or start promoting websites eventually.

Netflix memes, other popular facebook page, often promotes links to Netflix Life, a Netflix-focused fansite like ours run by the Fanside network. In those cases, your links to that site contain an affiliate code through which that page will earn money for sending traffic to them.

In a July 17 post, they posted a similar storydeclaring season 2 of The Queen’s Gambit was on the way while linking to the Netflix Life story which in no way says the show will come back.

On previous occasions when we have reported this, Netflix Life has responded to us by saying, «Netflix Life/FanSided are not associated with the account,» adding that they are not responsible for the content.

Other accounts we’ve found promoting fake Netflix news have links to sites like FandomWire and NetflixJunkie.

While the show won’t be returning, Netflix intends to release a mobile game for the show by the end of July 2023. Released on July 25, 2023, here’s what you can expect from the new game launching on both iOS and Google Play:

“Take some lessons, play puzzles and matches, or compete against friends in this awesome love letter to the show. From players new to the game to chess masters, this immersive experience paying homage to the award-winning drama has something for everyone.”

There you have it, there is no season 2 of The Queen’s Gambit – I’m sorry!