Class Season 1 – Picture: Netflix

Class will be back in session as Netflix has given an expedited renewal order to the new Indian teen drama series for a second season.

Serving as an adaptation of the hit Spanish-language series Elite (which has been renewed for a seventh season on Netflix), Class debuted on Netflix with eight episodes on February 3, 2023.

The story revolves around three working-class friends who are offered scholarships to an elite private school in New Delhi. Bodhitree Multimedia Limited, in association with Future East, produces the series and is directed by Ashim Ahluwalia.

Like its Spanish counterpart, the show touches on many social issues and has been well received by the local press in India.

the indian expressfor example, give the series to 4 of 5 rating, concluding that it is a «first-rate guilty pleasure» and that the show featured «a handful of excellent performances from its fresh cast».

News about the renewal of Class arrived early morning of 6 March 2023, with Netflix India official social pages plus an ad on Netflix India’s YouTube page with the title:

“We know how much you loved this course, so we signed you up for another exciting semester! CLASSES WILL BE BACK WITH A NEW SEASON!”

that’s good Class acting on netflix?

The renewal comes despite the show only appearing on global non-English TV charts for one week, recording 9.91 million hours watched worldwide between February 5-12.

Where the revamp makes sense, however, is the title’s top-10 performance, specifically in India but also surrounding regions including Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Although the title has split in top 10 in Canada and Australia, it has been a staple in the Indian top 10 since its initial debut. At the time of writing, it was still number 2 in the top 10 on Indian TV 31 days after its release.

That suggests that while Class It hasn’t broken out as a huge worldwide hit, it’s doing very well with the local audience and has therefore been revamped.

Coming soon from Netflix India is another remake of a hit show in the form of naidu frog (a remake of the Showtime Ray Donavon series). As far as we know, the only other renewed Indian show besides Class is Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein.

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