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unicorn academySpin Master’s new animated kids’ series is headed to Netflix in November 2023 after first being connected to Netflix in March 2023 with development initially starting in 2018. Here’s what you can expect from the new series that plans multiple seasons and specials and will also spawn a toy franchise starting in 2024.

Season 1, which has been given a November 2023 window thanks to a new interview conducted by The Hollywood Reporterwill kick off the season with a 72-minute extended first episode.

The new series is based on the popular children’s book series of the same name written by Julie Sykes and illustrated by Lucy Truman. Now distributed in 20 books and counting, the story revolves around the magical adventures of the girls and their unicorn friends in Unicorn Academy. Each book typically features a different pair of unicorn friends.

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The series is produced by Spin Master, a company that previously collaborated with Netflix on the original series, mighty express. In addition, other Spin Master shows, such as abby thatcher and Bakugan Legends, are also available to watch in most Netflix regions.

a new dedicated website for the next program provides a small summary of what we can expect:

“Join Sophia and the rest of the students at the Unicorn Academy, where they are learning how to protect magic for the whole world. No pressure or anything.»

A trailer for the upcoming series has also been released:

The series has also been renewed for multiple seasons with a slate of content rolling out throughout 2024 and 2025. In that interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Spin Master Entertainment President Jen Dodge detailed the upcoming release schedule saying :

“Now the first release will have the 72-minute movie event immediately with the first eight episodes, which is the first season or what we call the first chapter of the story. We have another full season of episodes coming out, and we also have 44-minute and 60-minute specials coming down the road.”

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