The Baker and Beauty – Image: ABC

Renewal hopes for The Baker and the Beauty have now been completely dashed, with the first and only season of the ABC rom-com series now set to leave Netflix in the US in April 2023.

Based on the Israeli romantic comedy series Beauty and the Baker, this American adaptation was directed by Dean Georgaris and told the story of a blue-collar baker who falls in love with an international superstar.

The series first aired in the United States and featured the talents of Emma Myers, Michael Rady, Nathalie Kelley, Georgina Reilly, and Carlos Gomez.

Netflix unexpectedly licensed the show in 2021; It turns out that that license was for precisely two years.

Its addition to Netflix was unexpected because it originally aired on Disney-owned ABC, a company that has turned off the licensing spigots to streamers like Netflix. Of course, in this case, Universal Television licensed Netflix, but it’s increasingly rare for it to license TV shows from major distributors in the US.

Of course, with his incorporation to Netflix, he renewed the calls to the show to renewBut nothing happened.

the baker and the beauty removal date netflix

Removal date on The Baker and the Beauty Netflix page

A notice can now be found on the show’s page stating that your last day to watch all nine episodes of The baker and the beauty on Netflix is ​​April 12, 2023, and its removal is scheduled for April 13.

Other titles leaving Netflix (US specifically, we cover a few other regions as well) in April 2023 include series like new girl and FAST Turbo plus movies including Be quiet, The Lord of the rings trilogy, and Molly’s game.

We will continue to update our April 2023 departure list throughout the month.

You’ll get lost? The baker and the beauty when does netflix come out? Do you wish Netflix had picked up a second season of the show? Let us know in the comments below.