In Colombia, those interested in acquiring a new home can opt for three large types of subsidies with which they will be able to cover part of the cost of the property.

(The housing subsidy to which you are entitled, based on your salary).

according to Luz Marina Bernal Bellón, Compensar Subsidies analyst it is government subsidies; the housing subsidy offered by the family compensation funds, and what is known as the concurrent subsidy.

The first subsidy, the program My House Now, It is granted by the State and as of this year it is intended for households with Sisbén IV that have a classification equal to or less than D11 for urban households and D20 for rural households.

Through 2022, the program awarded subsidy amounts that were dependent on income. If you earned between 1 and 2 minimum wages, you received one amount, and if you earned between 3 and 4 minimum wages, you received another. Since 2023, the subsidies are granted depending on the Sisbén group, so that it reaches the lowest-income families.

Starting this year, the program will focus on prioritizing different populations to grant subsidies.

(How to access the housing subsidies that will be delivered in Bogotá).

The first are the people from Sisben IV and the second are the population in special conditions of vulnerability, and the third are those who are located in rural areas and small municipalities.

The second type of subsidy that those interested in buying a home can access are those of family compensation funds.

These aids are aimed at affiliates who earned up to 4 minimum wages ($4,640,000).

Keep in mind that the subsidy is given only once for those who want to buy a new VIS/VIP home, build or improve their home.

(This is how you can apply for the housing subsidy of the Mi Casa Ya program).

The maximum subsidy amount for New housing is up to 30 minimum wages- $34,800,000.

Finally, there are the concurrent subsidies that are added to those granted by the family compensation funds, through Mi Casa Ya.

“That is, if a person receives a compensation subsidy of 20 minimum wages, they can add it with this concurrency subsidy. Adding the two, you could receive up to 58 million pesos in 2023, depending on the income of the family or person who is applying ”, points to the Metro Cuadrado portal.

Under this figure, My House Already grants a subsidy of up to 30 minimum wages and compensation funds up to 20 minimum wages.