After 4 months at the helm of the Vice Ministry of Energy, belize ruizcould get out of office.

Ruiz, who took office on September 6, has been in charge of unlocking renewable energy projects that have not advanced, the situation of high electricity prices, as well as the Energy Transition Roadmap.

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However, sources from the Ministry confirmed to Portafolio that the relationship between the vice minister and the minister of mines and energyIrene Vélez, has deteriorated to the point that the head of the portfolio requested her resignation letter.

However, the vice minister does not demand this request from Vélez, according to what the sources explained to Portafolio.

For this reason, the Ministry is considering declaring the deputy minister ineffective.

Some of the disagreements that Ruiz and Vélez have had are related to regulatory aspects.

Portfolio also learned that the Vice Minister of Mines, Giovanni Franco, has also had strong disagreements with Minister Vélez, for which reason he would have also asked him to leave the portfolio.

Franco took office at the end of October, with which he has been in charge for just over two months. During this time, he has been in charge of promoting the reform of the Mining Code that advances the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

At the moment, the portfolio has not confirmed the departure of Franco or Ruiz.