The Social Interest Housing model, VIS, initially had its peak in popular neighborhoods and rural areas of Colombia as a result of the support of state programs. However, Currently, this type of project has already reached higher-income neighborhoods in Bogotá.

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a today is possible find apartments up to 20 square meters with prices of 174 million pesos in traditional sectors of northern Bogotá. However, the ads warn of the lack of parking for all residents who compensate with coworking spaces, communal laundry areas or large terraces.

The main focus of these offers is a population of young, middle-class professionals who do not want the best located areas in the city. With good income they can pay 30% of the down payment and pay the rest with credit, even with high interest rates.

If the financial capacity is not the improvement, the other options is to opt for a used home or smaller spaces. It should be noted that the VIS cannot exceed the value of 150 minimum wages.

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«New studio apartment projects are noted, but more in stratum 4 than in the upper ones (5 and 6). In reality, the trend is evident in the middle classesKarina Reyes, president of the Colombian Federation of Real Estate Markets, Fedelonjas, told Bloomberg Online.

For its part, La Haus reported that currently The purchase of homes of less than 40 square meters is a trend that has been growing and received more than 400% in recent years.