The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) informed that in less than 48 hours, from the filing of a consumer protection lawsuit, filed by one of those affected by the suspension of operations of live airdecrees the first precautionary measure against the airlines.

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According to the control entity, Viva’s actions «…reveal a flagrant violation of the rights of consumers provided for in the Law 1480 of 2011 and even, norms of constitutional content, not only due to the effects of the unilateral and untimely decision to suspend its services, but also, in full ignorance of its obligations and responsibilities as a provider of a service of vital importance to consumers and users… «.

Furthermore, the Superindustry found that “On the airline’s website, the customer service channels do not offer any type of information, guide or the possibility of presenting their requests, on the contrary, they replicate in all cases the aforementioned statement without offering solutions that are at least opportune to the needs of users such as the plaintiff here», reasons for which urgent measures were adopted to save the interests of the user.

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Among the measures adopted, the SIC deteriorates Viva Air the immediate return of the money for the air tickets to the passenger, or her relocation at no cost on a flight with another airline to cover the air route.

Users who did not request precautionary measures from the Superintendency in the exercise of their jurisdictional functions must submit a direct claim to the airline before filing the claim.

In the event of going to the entity to file a claim together with the request for precautionary measures through the delegation for Jurisdictional Affairs, you must bear in mind that, if the flight purchased was of a national nature, the claim must be filed against the company Fast Colombia SAS on the other hand, if the flight is international, the claim must be against Viva Airlines Peru SAC.

The claim, together with the request for precautionary measures, may be filed using the application “Demande here” ( available on the entity’s website, it can also be sent to email (

Or you can also file in person at the offices of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce at Carrera 7 No. 31 A – 36 floor 3 of the city of Bogotá DC. An infographic is attached to guide those who consider it appropriate to file their claim with the SIC.